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New 19-Foot Boats and Major Updates for 2019 Yamaha Boat Line

Yamaha Wakebooster

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – AUGUST 15, 2018 – Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today introduced its 2019 boat line that includes a ground-up redesign of the brand’s top-selling 19-foot models, and enhancements to low-speed maneuverability, corrosion resistance and new interfaces on its touchscreen helm controls. In addition, the company announced a new wakesurfing technology that creates the largest, cleanest wake surf ever seen behind a jet powered boat.

The products were unveiled at the company’s annual dealer meeting being held in San Diego, CA, where Yamaha also set out its strategy to remain the best-selling boat brand in the 19-foot, 21-foot, and 24-foot family runabout category.
“Our boats earned their place at the top of their class by offering a combination of innovative features, technology and performance that remain unmatched by the competition,” said Bryan Seti, Yamaha WaterCraft’s general manager. “Now we’re building on that foundation with a whole new design to our 19-foot boats that offers customers more value than ever before, as well as introducing important updates throughout the line for 2019.”

Yamaha’s 19-Foot Boats All-New from the Ground Up

For 2019, Yamaha’s 19-foot runabouts and center console models return with an all-new deck and hull design that is 3” longer and 2” wider than previous year models.

With the added space, Yamaha engineers reimagined passenger flow from bow to stern to create the most spacious, most comfortable experience ever in a 19-foot boat. Port and starboard seating in the cockpit is roomier than previous year models allowing taller passengers to stretch out more comfortably.

To maximize space and efficiency, a new area aft of the captain’s chair provides seating with extra leg room, a storage area for cooler, and a table mount. Spin the captain’s chair around and the cockpit of the 190 and 195 series transforms into the perfect entertaining area.

Under the waterline, the longer, wider hull is designed for added comfort too, favoring characteristics that reduce bow rise when accelerating, and hull packing when operating in choppy water conditions.

One of the favorite features of all Yamaha boats is Yamaha’s signature stern lounge area and swim platform that sits just above the waterline. For 2019, the swim platform is larger with integrated beverage holders, perfect for hanging out at your favorite cove.

Other significant improvements included a new V-shaped reverse bucket that enhances handling when in reverse, a redesigned Articulating Keel that reduces drag, and new corrosion resistance coating to protect the jet pump and surrounding driveline parts.

Yamaha’s Most Usable Deck Layout Ever in a 19’ Center Console Boat

Yamaha’s 19-foot FSH Series of center console jet boats also see a complete overhaul with a new hull and deck, and the addition of several new features and technology to meet the needs of customers living in coastal and select interior states.
The bow has been reimagined to include storage compartments that are larger, and open wider than before. To help keep tackle and other essentials organized, Plano® tackle trays are integrated into the new portside mini-pod storage compartment, and on the starboard side, the mini pod opens into a huge storage area. These padded mini pods also serve as convenient ingress and egress points.

With the addition of four flush mount rod holders on the deck, there are a total of 14-rod holders across the boat. The Sport version adds four more rocket launcher rod holders on the t-top.

Also included is Yamaha’s 4.3” touchscreen Connext® control system featuring a brand new user interface in 2019, and conveniently-placed rocker switches for Yamaha’s No Wake Mode™ and Cruise Assist, along with the bilge, horn, and other vital functions.

A new design feature that makes the deck layout more usable are removable backrests for the port and starboard jump seats. These backrests can be quickly and easily stowed away, opening access to the stern. In addition, the livewell is larger and relocated forward for easier access from more areas of the boat.

The transom area on the 190 FSH is unlike any other center console boat on the market. Since the engine and drive train are mounted within the hull, the entire back of the boat is open for unobstructed casting, towing and enjoying activities on the back of the boat.

“This new 19-foot platform is a game changer for this size of boat and offers the feel and space of a much larger boat,” said Mike Ricciardi, Yamaha’s product planning manager. “We rethought the design from the ground up and matched our concepts with customer research into how they use our boats to create the most functional and efficient design we’ve yet to offer in this segment.”

Yamaha ‘s New WakeBooster Wakesurf Technology

Yamaha also introduced a new technology that changes the game for wakesurfing. The new Yamaha Surf Package includes the Yamaha WakeBooster™, which attaches to the stern tie down and can be outfitted on either side of the boat to accommodate riders on both sides of the wake.

In contrast to other wake systems that push water down or away from the boat, the Yamaha WakeBooster pulls water energy in to the center of the wake, creating a larger, cleaner wave for surfing.

Also part of the Surf Package is a Yamaha tow rope and a custom wakesurf board that was co-designed with Slingshot®. “To develop this new surf technology we had to approach it from an entirely new standpoint, searching for ways to best capitalize on the advantages of jet propulsion in ways that had never been tried before,” continued Ricciardi. “After years of testing, we began to realize the possibility of pulling water into the center of the wake, via a “scoop” design, where the influx of water combined with the power of our jets, created a larger surf pocket that extends further behind the boat, with a clean face, plenty of push and wave size to surf with ease.”

“The Yamaha WakeBooster totally changed the face of surfing behind Yamaha’s wake series boats for me,” said pro wake rider Danny Hampson. “With quick and easy installation, the WakeBooster shapes not only a surfable wave but a wave that lends itself to more progressive surfing. No longer are you worried about staying with the wave but instead, you can focus on what your next maneuver will be. This is surfing as it should be.”

2019 Yamaha Sport Boat Models:

Yamaha Wake Series: 242X, 212X
Yamaha 242 E-Series: 242 Limited S E-Series, 242 Limited S
Yamaha 240 Series: AR240, SX240
Yamaha 212 Series: 212 Limited S, 212 Limited
Yamaha 210 Series: AR210, SX210
Yamaha 195 Series: AR195, SX195
Yamaha 190 Series: AR190, SX190
2019 Yamaha Family Fishing:
Yamaha 210 FSH Series: 210 FSH Sport, 210 FSH Deluxe, 210 FSH
Yamaha 190 FSH Series: 190 FSH Sport, 190 FSH Deluxe, 190 FSH

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