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Boating World Magazine features the Yamaha 190 FSH Sport

Boating World Magazine features the Yamaha 190 FSH Sport on their November 2016 cover. Below are a few of the comments from the cover story:

[Excerpted from Boating World Magazine, November 2016]

“Yamaha takes its comfortable and sporty jet boats to a place they’ve never been before.”

“One of the things that has made all Yamaha boats so popular is the two-tier rear lounging area. Its designers know that most of a boat’s time on the water is spent with the key in the off position, so they created a space people gravitate to when its boats are at rest. With comfortable backrest cushions and padded decking, it also just happens to be one of the most relaxing places to wet a hook. Thanks to Yamaha’s beam-forward design and an 8-foot beam, there’s an expansive raised casting deck in the bow that’s wired to accept a trolling motor. The forward deck is also a great place to toss a cast net for bait, and there’s even a dedicated storage area in the stern for stowing a five-gallon bucket, where most people store their nets.”

“The 19-foot long 190 FSH is the first Yamaha jet boat to have a center console, which is a common thread among most saltwater fishing boat designs and gives anglers a platform that’s fishable in all of its 360 degrees. We tested the Sport model, which comes with a T-top with a lightweight canvas canopy for shade instead of a Bimini top, which can hamper fishing mobility. And at only $2,000 more than the 190 FSH Deluxe, it’s a bargain that gives passengers more places to hang on thanks to the fat aluminum tube frame. For more shade, head to the aftermarket and add a SureShade extended top.”

“Ostensibly, the FSH stands for Family Sports Hybrid, but once we insert the all-important I, we know its primary mission. Its center-console design sets the tone for its fishin’ mission, and Yamaha provides plenty of space for installing big-screen electronics — either flush mounted in the dash or on a gimbal on top of the dash, which has a lip for containment of loose items. The double-wide leaning post sits high to accommodate a standard Igloo Marine cooler and has a tall backrest for comfort that can be flipped forward to provide rearward seating at rest.”

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