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Genuine Yamaha Parts Designed for Performance, Durability, and Peace of Mind
Genuine Yamaha Parts Designed for Performance, Durability, and Peace of Mind

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Made to Fit your Boat 

When your Yamaha WaveRunner or boat needs scheduled service, maintenance, repair, or that perfect accessory, nothing can replace Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories, says Yamaha WaterCraft Product Manager Mike Ricciardi.

“Genuine parts are just that, the same high-quality parts originally specified by the engineers for your Yamaha WaveRunner or boat,” said Ricciardi. “What’s more, Yamaha Accessory engineers work hand-in-hand with the same team of engineers that designed your Yamaha to develop Yamaha Genuine Accessories.”

According to Ricciardi, making your vehicle look and perform as only a Yamaha can take advanced research and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

But that’s not all. Yamaha engineers continually subject these parts and accessories to a demanding testing program designed to evaluate functionality and durability.

“We give you peace of mind – no need to worry about inferior aftermarket parts,” said Ricciardi. “And what’s also important for Yamaha owners to remember is that using Genuine Yamaha Parts will not void your warranty.”

Yamaha Genuine Accessories are designed to deliver the highest fit, finish, and style while Yamaha Genuine Parts provide the same true quality and performance as the original part that was on your Yamaha WaveRunner or boat.

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