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Yamaha Unveils Premium 27FT Boat Line at 2019 Miami International Boat Show
Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit Wins More Awards At The 2019 Miami International Boat Show

MIAMI, Fl. February 14, 2019 – Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of the Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit, today introduced a premium line of 27-foot boats at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show that are now the largest, most luxurious jet drive runabouts on the water today.

For 2019, the all-new Yamaha 275 Series is available in three choices, the base model 275E, the more deluxe 275SE, and the flagship 275SD.

The 275SE features a semi-rigid top while the SD model features a hardtop with skylights. Exclusive to the top-of-the-line 275SD model is Yamaha’s new DRiVE system with paddle controls on the steering wheel that provides new levels of confidence for slow speed maneuverability in tight spaces and around the dock.

“Our intention with this boat was to take a category that was ripe for innovation and completely turn it on its head with new technology and marine industry first ideas,” said Bryan Seti, general manager, Yamaha WaterCraft Group. “Between the DRiVE technology, 500 horsepower propulsion package, patent pending new seating options, high tech digital display and premium styling, there isn’t a boat on the market quite like the new 275 series.”

Yamaha’s Patented DRiVE Technology

Yamaha’s flagship 275SD model features an industry-first low speed function called DRiVE. The patented DRiVE system allows the operator to maneuver this 27-foot boat precisely around docks, launch ramps, and other tight, congested spaces with confidence.

The DRiVE function is engaged using the Connext touchscreen. One touch and DRiVE is enabled. It’s that simple. Then, by using actuating paddle controls on the steering wheel, the operator can toggle between forward or reverse and can control speeds in both directions.

And because there’s no gearcase to shift with a jet driveline, the action is completely seamless. At no time does the driver need to remove their hands from the steering wheel. The result is a new standard of slow speed maneuverability that is intuitive, comfortable, and convenient.

The Yamaha 275 Series boats are the first to feature twin, supercharged Yamaha 1.8L SVHO marine engines. These engines are the most technologically-advanced motors in a jet drive boat today. The Yamaha SVHO engine is powerful, fuel-efficient, and virtually maintenance-free.

Yamaha’s award-winning Connext touchscreen is the hub for the 275 Series entertainment functions, DRiVE control, GPS mapping, and important boat data when underway. And its minimalistic 12.3-inch “floating” design adds to the 275’s sophisticated helm layout.

Industry first features can be found everywhere on the new Yamaha 275 series boats, including a new patent pending innovation on the stern.

At anchor, two removable seats can be attached to the stern. These seats sit just below the water’s surface, providing comfortable in-water seating facing the transom of the boat.

One of the chief goals in the design of the new Yamaha 275 Series was to connect the stern and the cockpit areas so that the inside of the 275 feels like one large area for all types of entertaining.

To do that, Yamaha designers chose new convertible stern seating with seat backs that can be flipped forward or aft to provide versatile seating options throughout the stern and cockpit. The area overall is slightly larger than a full-size bed, so the options for lounging and entertaining are bigger than ever before.

The 275 Series is designed for socializing, which makes its galley area such a great addition. This galley comes with one of the largest counters in its class and a plumbed sink that comes standard.

Taking advantage of the wide beam on the 275 Series, Yamaha engineers created an extra-large port side storage area that includes a portable head. With a huge door that swings open wide, accessing the area is a breeze, even for adults. The premium features continue inside the compartment with a new extendable shelf area with storage compartments.

“Our customers were asking us to create a bigger boat, and they wanted us to bring a new experience to this class of boats like we’ve done across the other segments,” continued Seti. “Our engines and driveline allow us to do things other boat companies can’t do. From the power of Yamaha’s supercharged 1.8L engine block to the effortless fluidity of the DRiVE system, I think it becomes clear from the moment you get behind the wheel and look around this boat, that this new 275 series is a revolutionary experience among the premium boat segment.”