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Yamaha Introduces Innovative Accessory Solutions for Boats and WaveRunners that Add to Unmatched Versatility and Fun
Yamaha Introduces Innovative Accessory Solutions for Boats and WaveRunners

For 2020, Yamaha WaterCraft is introducing exclusive Boat and WaveRunner accessories that add to their versatility and fun. These accessories are only available through Yamaha Boat and WaveRunner dealers.

New Yamaha Wakebooster Surf Accessory Package for 19-foot Yamaha Boats

A big announcement for 2020 is the news that the award-winning Yamaha WakeBooster™ wakesurf system is now available for all 19-foot boats including FSH models. The Yamaha WakeBooster comes in a new package that also includes a custom ballast solution for maximizing the surf wake.

With the extra external ballast sacks and the Yamaha WakeBooster attached, the wake behind Yamaha’s 19-foot boats is impressive and easy to ride. With this addition, every single boat in the Yamaha line is very surfable even for beginner and intermediate level riders. The ballast bags can also be affixed to the stern area on all of Yamaha’s 21 and 24 foot boats to maximize the wave for wakesurfing.

New, Exclusive WaveRunner Speaker Package

For the first time, Yamaha is introducing new speaker packages that are exclusive, and custom-designed for Yamaha WaveRunners.

These speaker kits come in two variations, one for the EX®/VX® Series models, and a larger set for the FX® Series. The speaker sets feature high quality sound and increased wattage output. In addition, the playtime battery life is double.

The EX/VX Series marine speakers are affixed to the WaveRunner using standardized RAM® mounts. The FX Series marine speakers feature a new Yamaha-exclusive attachment system for an integrated appearance.

The Yamaha speaker kits (MSRP $349 and $399) are available exclusively through Yamaha powersports and marine dealers.

New Innovative Storage Solutions for VX and EX Series WaveRunners

Designed for the more adventurous VX WaveRunner owner who enjoys extended cruises or wants to fish from their PWC, Yamaha is now offering a unique storage solution that is compression-molded for added ruggedness and versatility, but is actually a soft case that can serve as an insulated cooler because of its outstanding thermal properties.

In addition, you can also use it for a fishing setup with rod holders and tackle storage to create a fully fishing-capable WaveRunner.

For the EX Series WaveRunners, a new expanded EX storage replaces the existing storage tray with a larger storage bag that takes full advantage of the interior space. There is also a deck lid storage that is waterproof and compression molded for an integrated look as well as a brand new stern storage bag.

All of Yamaha’s new accessories are featured on the Company’s websites at and They can be purchased from your local Yamaha dealer.