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Yachting Magazine Raves about the New Yamaha WakeBooster
Yachting Magazine Raves about the New Yamaha WakeBooster

"If you want to become a better wakesurfer Yamaha's WakeBooster is the answer." is how Yachting Magazines latest feature about the Yamaha WakeBooster starts off. Made for all levels of wakesurfing, the WakeBooster scoops water towards the centerline creating a cleaner wave for improved surfability. 

[Excerpted from Yachting Magazine, June 20, 2019]

Yamaha's WakeBooster Turns You into a Pro

“People realized they could let go of the rope,” says Mike ­Ricciardi, head of Yamaha Watercraft ­product development. “It’s the endless wave, ­­without having to paddle through the surf.”

 Today’s idea is to attach accessories under the hull that scoop and redirect the water going into the wake. Numerous wake-shaping systems are on the market, and in February, Yamaha’s won an Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Called the WakeBooster, the under-hull accessory is sold in a package that includes a rope and a board with a total cost of less than $1,000. The award recognized the WakeBooster’s price and ease of installation.

“There are no tools, no screwdrivers, nothing,” Ricciardi says. “You can put it on and take it off in the water.”

 The WakeBooster is designed to work on several of Yamaha’s 21- and 24-foot wake-sports boats, including some models that date back to 2015, Ricciardi says. Configurations, trim packages and engine choices don’t matter as long as users stick with certain Yamaha boat models.

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