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featured 09.01.2020
Boating Magazine Reviews Yamaha's 2021 Boat Lineup
Boating Magazine review the 2021 Yamaha boat lineup

Boating Magazine's Randy Vance walks you through the all new 21-Foot, 25-foot and the 25-foot FSH boat lineup. See what Randy Vance has to say below. 

[Excerpted from Boating Magazine , August, 2021]


“All feature Yamaha’s E-Series drive-by-wire systems that include push-button start-stop, rpm engine sync and single-throttle lever pairing.”


“The new Yamaha 250/252/255 series boats have new styling and deck layouts, plus an updated bottom design.”

“The 252XE is equipped with wakesurf-specific and E-series features.”

“The 255XE and 255XD have Yamaha’s new electronic push-button controlled integrated WakeBooster plus a triple ballast system. They are powered by twin 1.8L SVHO supercharged marine engines and produce a combined 500 hp.”

25-Foot FSH:

“This is a 25-foot version of their 190 and 210 FSH boats which were so successful in shore they decided to expand to a center console with offshore capabilities you've got.”