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featured 08.20.2022
Yamaha’s All-New Low-Speed Handling and Dock Assist Technology

August 20, 2022 - Gamechanger is an adjective overly used and often exaggerated, but that’s not the case when describing Yamaha’s low-speed handling and dock-assist innovation, DRiVE X.

DRiVE X is a combination of Yamaha’s DRiVE paddle control system that moves the boat forward and aft while always keeping the driver’s hands on the steering wheel, but adds an all-new steering with wheel functionality that slowly moves the boat starboard or port, rotate 360° on its axis, and holds the boat against the dock for quick loading and unloading.


Lateral Mode: While pushing the directional button, the boat moves sideways. When you release the button, the boat stops.

Pivot Mode: When enabled, turn the steering wheel more than 85% for the boat to turn in the direction of turning the steering wheel. The boat will rotate 360° on its axis.

Dock Hold: When you press the button once, side thrust continues and will hold the boat against the dock. To cancel, press any button, or operate the remote-control lever. For 2023, DRiVE X is available exclusively on the Yamaha flagship 275SDX .

High Mode: When enabled, the RPMs are increased for added thrust. You can set the RPM increase to the driver’s preference through Connext.

One final, intuitive feature of DRiVE X that owners will appreciate is Low Speed Handling Assist. When the steering wheel is turned more than 65 percent while operating the forward DRiVE paddle, low speed handling assist operates automatically, increasing engine speed in proportion to the wheel angle, reaching a maximum of 3500 rpm. Turning the wheel more allows the driveline bucket to open further, giving more thrust and greater control. All of this happens without the driver having to think about any of it.