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2019 Yamaha 275 Series Boats
Yamaha 275 Series boat

Introducing the largest, most luxurious jet drive runabouts featuring Yamaha’s all-new, world’s first DRiVE technology for enhanced maneuverability. 

• Yamaha’s first foray into the luxury 27-foot runabout category.
• First Yamaha boats powered by twin, supercharged Yamaha marine engines.
• Features world’s first DRiVE technology for enhanced low speed maneuverability.
• Features “floating” 12.3-inch Connext touchscreen with 16 million colors and 1000 nits brightness.
• Comes standard with industry-first, patent pending swim up seating that attaches to stern and sits just below the waterline.
• First Yamaha jet drive boats with galley area that includes a premium counter and plumbed sink.

The all-new Yamaha 275 Series is the “Rev Your Heart” brand’s first foray into the luxury 27-foot category and is now the largest and widest jet drive runabout available today. For 2019, The 275 Series is available in three choices, the base model 275E, the more deluxe 275SE, and the flagship 275SD.

The 275SE features a semi-rigid top while the SD model features a hardtop with skylight. Exclusive to the top-of-the-line 275SD model is Yamaha’s new DRiVE system with paddle controls on the steering wheel that provides new levels of confidence for maneuvering a 27-foot boat in tight spaces and around the dock.

All-New Styling Concept from Yamaha
The added length of the 275 Series inspired Yamaha engineers to stretch their
imagination and design prowess, and they succeeded beyond expectation. The profile of
the 275 Series is powerful and unique, with the flair of a luxury runabout boat that one
might see moored in Monaco and Cannes.The driver-forward position and bold wrap-around window treatment add to the 275’s sophisticated allure, and the expansive stern play area and open walkthrough transom give the impression that a party could go off at a moment’s notice.

Twin, Yamaha Supercharged Marine Engines
The Yamaha 275 Series boats are the first to feature twin, supercharged Yamaha 1.8L SVHO marine engines. These engines are the most technologically-advanced motors in a jet drive boat today. The Yamaha SVHO engine is powerful, fuel-efficient, and virtually maintenance-free. And because these compact, lightweight engines and the driveline are placed deep inside the hull, acceleration is instant, bow rise is minimal, and more deck space is available for fun that would otherwise be wasted by a large, intruding engine compartment like that found on other brands’ boats.

Yamaha DRiVE Function with Paddle Controls
Yamaha’s flagship 275SD model features an industry-first low speed function called DRiVE. The patented DRiVE system allows the operator to maneuver this 27-foot boat precisely around docks, launch ramps, and other tight, congested spaces with confidence. The DRiVE function is engaged using the Connext touchscreen. One touch and DRiVE is
enabled. It’s that simple. Then, by using actuating paddle controls on the steering wheel, the operator can toggle between forward or reverse and can control speeds in both directions. And because there’s no gearcase to shift with a jet driveline, the action is completely seamless. At no time does the driver need to remove their hands from the steering wheel. The result is a new standard of slow speed maneuverability that is intuitive, comfortable, and convenient.

Yamaha Connext Touchscreen
Yamaha’s award-winning Connext touchscreen is the hub for the 275 Series entertainment functions, DRiVE control, GPS mapping, and important boat data when underway. And its minimalistic 12.3-inch “floating” design adds to the 275’s sophisticated helm layout.
With more than 16 million colors and 1000 nits backlight, the Connext display is much brighter than a smartphone, making it easy to see in direct sunlight. With the motors turned on, the main screen displays engine RPMs, water depth, fuel level, and operating speed. To control the other functions of the 275, just select the appropriate tab located across the top of the display. Yamaha’s Connext touchscreen is intuitive, reliable, and made from the most durable materials available for marine electronics.

Industry-First Swim Up Stern Seating
Industry-first features can be found everywhere on the new Yamaha 275 series boats, including a new patent pending innovation on the stern. At anchor, two removable seats can be attached to the stern. These seats sit just below the water’s surface, providing comfortable in-water seating facing the transom of the boat. With the ladder in between both seats, egress back on the boat is a breeze. When ready to go underway, merely bring the seats back on board.

Convertible Stern Lounges
One of the chief goals in the design of the new Yamaha 275 Series was to connect the stern and the cockpit areas so that the inside of the 275 feels like one large area for all types of entertaining. To do that, Yamaha designers chose new convertible stern seating with seat backs that can be flipped forward or aft to provide versatile seating options throughout the stern and cockpit. The area overall is slightly larger than a full-size bed, so the options for lounging and entertaining are bigger than ever before.

Galley with Premium Counter and Plumbed Sink
The 275 Series is designed for socializing, which makes its galley area such a great addition. This galley comes with one of the largest counters in its class and a plumbed sink that comes standard. The galley area integrates perfectly with the flow of the boat, sculpted in aft of the driver and easily accessible for all passengers in the cockpit. Large storage areas under the counter provide space for a full weekend’s worth of supplies. The sleek design combined with complete functionality makes this galley design a feature the premium boater will appreciate every time they’re out on the water.

Expansive Port-Side Storage/Head Compartment
Taking advantage of the wide beam on the 275 Series, Yamaha engineers were able to create an extra-large head compartment and port side storage area located just in front of the passenger captain’s seat. With a huge door that swings open wide, accessing the area is a breeze, even for adults. The premium features continue inside the compartment with a new extendable shelf area with storage compartments.

From bow to stern, there is nothing cookie-cutter about the Yamaha 275 Series. From its
striking good looks to industry-first innovations like DRiVE, the 275’s are the most exciting
new models to enter the 27-foot runabout category in decades.

Engine Type: Twin 1.8L supercharged Yamaha SVHO marine engines
Displacement: 1812cc
Impeller: 3-blade, stainless steel
Length: 27’
Beam: 9’
Fuel Capacity: 90 gallons
Person Capacity: Yacht Certified
Storage Capacity: 740 gallons
Assembled: Yamaha Jet Boat Manufacturing in Vonore, TN