AR240 High Output

High Output


Full-featured performance engineered to take summer fun to all-new levels.

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Powerful. Roomy. Affordable. This might just be the perfect 19-foot boat.

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Breathtaking performance. Stunning design. One unforgettable boat.

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It takes only 4 seconds to go from run-of-the-mill to one-of-a-kind.

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Powerful 19-foot performance at a price the competition can't match.

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The folding tower features built-in wakeboard racks, giving you quicker access to gear.Twin 50 gallon internal ballast tanks churn out a monster wake to help you find the big air you’re chasing.The oversized in-floor storage locker easily accommodates life vests, water toys and other gear.Select teak–style carpet offers unique style and added comfort throughout the interior.Premium Polk speakers boost performance and deliver exceptional sound.All new for 2014 is an upgraded marine-ready Clarion stereo system with built in Bluetooth streaming and easy smart phone and tablet compatibility.Enjoy the convenience of operating the premium stereo from the comfort of the award–winning stern swim platform.

Watersport Features

The oversized in–floor storage locker easily accomodates life vests, water toys, and other gear

Proven Performance

Reliable 50-Year Heritage

With over 50 years of marine engine expertise, Yamaha is the undisputed leader and most trusted brand on the water today.

Efficient Fuel Friendly

Our lightweight, fuel–efficient engines outperform competitive models, while saving two gallons of fuel every hour.

Powerful Exciting and Thrilling

Yamaha marine engines power our boats from zero–to–30 mph in half the time it takes comparable stern drive boats. That’s truly power you can feel.

Yamaha's AdvancedResponsive Handling

Yamaha’s industry standard jet propulsion system provides benefits that other propulsion systems simply can’t offer. Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling enhances maneuverability and slow speed handling, while adding confidence around docking, and the loading and unloading of the boat.

No Wake Mode

No Wake Mode, an important part of Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling, provides maximum control for the driver at a variety of slow speeds, maximizing pump thrust and enhancing all around maneuverability of the boat at slow speeds.  And it’s as easy to operate as pushing a button up and down to dial in your perfect no wake speed.

Thrust Directional Enhancer

Another key aspect to Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling is the award winning Thrust Directional Enhancer, or TDE.  This Yamaha exclusive technology directs the water thrust at an optimal angle, providing greater traction for the boat at slow speeds and increasing its responsiveness from driver input.

Full Throttle

Simply put, Yamaha’s 24-foot boats out–accelerate the competition. Yamaha not only blows away the competition on zero–to–30 mph tests, our boats also reach plane in a mere 2.6 seconds, easily beating competitors that can take up to 4.5 seconds.

0-30 MPH
4.3 sec
AR240 High Output
7.4 sec
MasterCraft X–35
9.0 sec
Regal 2300 FasTrac
Time to Plane
2.5 sec
AR240 High Output
9.4 sec
MasterCraft X–35
3.8 sec
Glastron GLS 235
Fuel Efficiency
9.6 gph
AR240 High Output
12.8 gph
MasterCraft X–35
11.2 gph
Regal 2300 FasTrac

Time To Wake Up

Built to outhandle, outpower and outclass any craft in their category, our full–featured boats are kings of the water, boasting all the ingredients of the perfect boating experience: performance, ease–of–use, and of course, style that turns heads.