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All Yamaha From Stem to Stern

Yamaha boat engines have long led the industry in reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha hulls are engineered for peak performance, stylish design, and freedom on the water.

A key distinction: The hull of every Yamaha boat is designed in tandem with its power plant. No mix–and–match here.


Yamaha's Advanced Responsive Handling

Yamaha's Advanced Responsive Handling is a suite of technologies that provide maximum control, confidence and maneuverability at slow, medium and top speeds. This includes the all new Articulating Keel, as well as No Wake Mode and Thrust Directional Enhancer.

Articulating Keel

The Articulating Keel is a simple yet ingenious mechanism that serves as an extension of the boat’s keel but with a back end that moves and tracks through the water in perfect relation to the jet pump nozzles. Steering response is immediate. Straight line tracking at any speed is effortless.

No Wake Mode

No Wake Mode, an important part of Yamaha's Advanced Responsive Handling, provides maximum control for the driver at a variety of slow speeds, maximizing pump thrust and enhancing all around maneuverability of the boat at slow speeds.

Thrust Directional Enhancer

Another key aspect to Yamaha's Advanced Responsive Handling is the award winning Thrust Directional Enhancer, or TDE. This Yamaha exclusive technology directs the water thrust at an optimal angle.

Quiet Cruise

Yamaha’s 24-foot boats in 2015 all come equipped with Yamaha Quiet Cruise, a new ground up complete platform based system of sound dampening that creates a quiet, comfortable ride for all on board. Yamaha Quiet Cruise significantly controls the amount of engine noise and vibration that enters the cabin to allow the driver and passengers to engage in conversation at all speeds and enjoy their surroundings.

The Total Package

The benefits of owning a Yamaha extend well beyond the exciting weekends spent with friends and family. Every Yamaha comes recreation–ready, fully-equipped with a total package of amenities that brings the good life to life on the water

  • Easy to Tow

    Yamaha Boats are the easiest to own in the industry for a number of reasons. One important reason is the ease of towing. Yamaha boats weigh significantly less than the competition, in some cases up to 1000 pounds less. This makes towing easier and expands the range of vehicles and in water lifts that can accommodate Yamaha boats.

  • Wet Storage

    New large wet storage area behind hinged seatbacks provides even more room for towables and other large items.

  • Swim Platform

    Yamaha's award-winning two-tiered swim platform sits just inches above the water to provide the perfect launching pad for wakesports or simply soaking up the sun.

  • Carpet

    Yamaha boats are designed for fun, performance and comfort, but don’t forget about style. Every Yamaha comes standard with removable carpet that’s practical, convenient, and yes—looks sharp.

  • Bimini Top

    This unequaled family boating experience comes fully equipped with a Total Package of premium amenities including a Bimini™ top at no extra cost.

Low Maintenance

The simple design of Yamaha’s internal propulsion system offers the benefit of less maintenance time and expense compared to an inboard or stern drive boat. Winterization of a Yamaha boat involves only basic service. Year-round use of your Yamaha boat is easy as the internal propulsion system is virtually maintenance free, requiring only simple annual maintenance and fluid refills.