Yamaha Boat Selected to Boating Magazine’s “Best Boats of the Millennium”

Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today announced that Boating® magazine has selected the Yamaha AR230 to their coveted Top 10 List of Best Boats of the Millennium. The Yamaha AR230 is the predecessor to one of the most popular boats on the water today, the 24-foot Yamaha AR240.

According to Boating magazine, the AR230 not only held its own among the reigning stern drives of its time, it bettered them marking a sea change in the way consumers viewed jet drive boats.

“What hit you right off is the Yamaha boat transom. Yamaha designers watched how we use runabouts and saw that when not underway, we congregate in the stern. So why not make the aft platform area the center of activity,” said Boating magazine.

“The low profile of the Yamaha engines made it possible to design a 4'-deep platform that's arranged on two levels to create a comfortable lounging area. It's a design that can't be duplicated on a stern drive-powered boat, which has a much taller engine sitting right up against the transom. There's also the feeling of safety offered by the jet drives, which are tucked far under the stern of the boat-away from the feet of young swimmers,“ the magazine added.

“The AR230 is a shining example of the design philosophy that we still utilize today.  We let our customers direct product planning by telling us how they use their boats.  Then we take that first hand information and then try to exceed their expectations on every level,” said Scott Watkins, head of product planning for Yamaha’s Watercraft Group.

Yamaha concluded the 2012 selling season with its highest share of market ever in the 16 to 25-foot family fun category; having the number one selling boat in each of its segments. For 2013, Yamaha offers 12 models ranging in length from 19’ to 24’.