Jet Blast: Powering the bulk of the jet-boat industry’s latest models

Excerpted from Boating World Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013
By: Alan Jones

“Jet boats are white hot. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) revealed that jet-boat sales were up an astonishing 36.4 percent in 2012…Yamaha, the undisputed jet-boat leader, is using its own HO/SHO 1.8L engine on most of its boats. Let’s take a look under the hood and see what’s happening down there.”

Yamaha HO/SHO
“Yamaha’s newest engine features the largest displacement in the jet-boat and PWC industry. The goal of this engine is to make power as effortlessly as possible for the greatest possible reliability. It’s an in-line four-cylinder engine that features a dual overhead cam design and 16 valves. One of its unique features is the coil-in-plug design that delivers a hotter spark for more complete combustion.”

“It also uses a drive-by-wire throttle, which allows it to include features such as Cruise Assist and No-Wake mode. Both run on regular gas.”

“Our most recent test was on the SX192, a single-engine, 19-foot, 2-inch sportboat with 19 degrees of deadrise that weighs 2,150 pounds. It was powered by a single SHO Yamaha that proved to be more than enough power. It reached plane in 2.4 seconds and hit 30 mph in 5.3 seconds, with a top speed of 49 mph. The larger 212 model — 21 feet, 3 inches long and 3,060 pounds — powered by a pair of the lower-horsepower HO engines, reached plane in 2.5 seconds, hit 30 mph in only 4 seconds and topped out at 56 mph.”