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Heartland Boating Magazine Reviews the Yamaha 190 FSH

A boat designed to be at the center of the action, whether fishing or watersports.

Excerpts from Heartland Boating Magazine, August 2015
Story by Dan Armitage

“I was impressed with 190 FSH…and that impression continued once I was aboard, where practically every hatch I lifted showed forward thinking and revealed clever engineering that had me grinning.”

“Pushed by a 1.8L High Output marine engine, the hole shot is impressive, the ride smooth and I noted very little side slippage on turns, the latter due to Yamaha’s Articulating Keel, an extension of the boat’s keel that moves and tracks along with the jet-pump nozzle.”

“The 190 FSH is a remarkable new center console that’s adaptable to watersports and is sure to prove popular among anglers who appreciate the shallow-running advantages of a jet-powered boat.”