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Boats.com Names Yamaha AR240 As Top Runabout of 2016


From Boats.com, April 2016

Top 10 Runabouts of 2016: Bowriders that Can’t Be Beat

If you want a jet-powered runabout that’s ready for some serious watersports action, the Yamaha AR240 is right up your alley. The AR version of the 240 has a tow-tower plus added splashy graphics (which adds about $3,000 to the 240’s $50,000 price tag), but more importantly, the entire 240 line-up has been tuned to eliminate the loud high-pitch noises that plague most jet boats. In fact, when we tested it we noted a five decibel drop from the pre-2015 models. On top of that, with the twin 1.8L 180 HP four-cylinder powerplants, the AR240 hits a top-end of 50 MPH. And it features an articulating keel (more or less like a rudder but it doesn’t protrude beneath hull depth; watch our Yamaha AR240 Keel Design video to see how it works) that noticeably improves handling. The new models also boast the Yamaha Connext touch-screen display, which includes controls ranging from the stereo to the cruise control.

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