Yamaha Introduces 2012 Boats Including New 19-Foot Series and New 21-Foot Boat Design

KENNESAW, GA – AUGUST 22, 2011-- Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today introduced its new and expanded line of 2012 boats highlighted by the debut of the Yamaha 190 Series and an all-new 21-foot platform. This is Yamaha’s most ambitious boat offering to date with 10 models ranging in length from 19 to 24-feet.

“We’ve reached important milestones, becoming the number one selling boat in both the 21 and 24 foot classes. Now we will strengthen our hold of the 21 foot market with the debut of a new 21-foot platform, and bring Yamaha’s boats to a whole new group of buyers with our new 19-foot boat,” said Bryan Seti, Yamaha’s national marketing manager.

Introducing Yamaha’s First 19 Foot Boat Series

All new for Yamaha are the 19-foot SX190 and AR190 boats. These boats set a new benchmark for the 19-foot category by offering a spacious design, remarkable performance, all the attributes of jet power and a full feature package that has not been seen in this size or price range before. The new 190 Series features Yamaha’s unique internal drivetrain and a compact 1.8L engine package that allows Yamaha to design a more spacious cockpit layout than competing brands and provide Yamaha’s award-winning stern lounge area, the hallmark of all Yamaha boats.

“We’ve been researching the 19-foot segment for years to understand what this buyer is looking for and how Yamaha can exceed those desires,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha’s product manager. “This boat hit everything right from its large bow seating, spacious cockpit area, tons of storage and a large, low to the water swim platform. It’s a 19-foot boat that feels like it’s 21-feet. There’s not one inch of wasted space on this boat.”

All New 21-Foot Platform

Joining the 190 Series is a new 21-foot platform with a new hull and deck design offering even more room in the bow, in the cockpit and on the stern swim platform. Yamaha’s 21-foot boats include the Yamaha 212SS, 212X, SX210 and AR210. The high-performance Yamaha 212SS and 212X feature twin 1.8L Yamaha marine engines that are compact and lightweight with a high power to weight ratio that delivers 19% more horsepower and top of class acceleration and top speed.

“There’s a reason why Yamaha’s 21-foot boats have become the best sellers in their class, and it’s because they offer more of what this buyer wants than any other boat out there,” continued Watkins. “Now, we’ve taken it to an all new level, with more options, more space, more comfort and even better performance.”

For 2012 Yamaha’s top selling 24-foot line returns with new colors, graphics, and a black powder coated tower option on the 242 Limited S. Models include the 242 Limited S, 242 Limited, AR240 and SX240.

Yamaha’s All New Thrust Directional Enhancer

Also new for Yamaha in 2012 is a thrust directional enhancer that maximizes control and maneuverability. This new design directs the water flow at an optimum angle, creating more responsive handling as the boat is turned right and left at slow speeds.

In addition, Yamaha is introducing new fold-down towers on all tower-equipped models, allowing for easier boat storage at dry docks and garages.

Yamaha boats ended the 2011 selling season as the best-selling boats in their classes and Yamaha boats in total were the best-selling 20-foot to 25-foot’ family runabout boats in the industry.

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