Yamaha WaterCraft Introduces Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

This free app gives consumers the inside track to virtually everything there is to know about Yamaha Boats through a rich media and interactive experience that is optimized for their device.


Yamaha's Internal Drive Changes the Future of Boating

Yamaha's internal drive system has already changed the face of boating. There's no complicated transfer case, no clunking between gears, no shifting, just smooth and easy engine operation through a simple and highly effective system


Twin Engine Design More Fuel Efficient Than Single Engine Models

Twin engines deliver class-leading acceleration and peace-of-mind. But contrary to some suggestions, twin engines do not mean that you use more gas.


Internal Drive Growing in Popularity With Success of Yamaha Boats

Along with the peace of mind that twin engines offer, Yamaha's internal drive system delivers better performance and more versatility than its stern-drive counterparts.