Internal Drive Growing in Popularity With Success of Yamaha Boats

One of the best features of Yamaha boats is the internal drive system that makes possible many of the attributes families love most about their boats. Along with the peace of mind that twin engines offer, Yamaha's internal drive system delivers better performance and more versatility than its stern-drive counterparts.


Yamaha’s internal drive system delivers class-leading acceleration and reduces bow rise. When the boat pushes forward, the higher thrust point allows it to plane more quickly than stern-drive boats.


Because the impeller is located inside the hull and not exposed to underwater obstacles, Yamaha boats are able to navigate in shallow water, providing the freedom to explore parts of the water a traditional stern-drive wouldn’t be able to reach.


Yamaha boats feature an innovative, award-winning stern lounge area and swim platform that is only made possible with Yamaha’s internal propulsion and compact engine design. The unique design allows boaters to easily get in and out of the water without the encumbrance of a protruding engine or exposed propeller.

Yamaha’s internal drive system is reliable, durable, and convenient; giving consumers the top qualities they’re looking for. Yamaha’s exceptional performance package and the unique benefits and design options it allows are standing out in the industry, which is why Yamaha Boats are the #1 sellers in their class.