Luxury Models

sx240 HO 242 Limited S

High Output


Stylish on the outside. Spectacular on the inside.

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242 Limited

242 Limited


An interior so scenic, you may forget to enjoy the landscape.

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Limited S


For those who know a boat is one of life's necessities.

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The bi–level swim platform puts you at water's edge, and on many models, includes amenities such as an integrated ladder, a table and speakers, padded backrests, cup holders, and even a shower.

Experience the harmony of tunes and waves in rhythm. The perfect blend of distinctive style and innovative design, Yamaha’s forward–swept, folding tower features both flush–mounted cockpit lights and an integrated speaker system.

Swim Platform

Forward Swept Tower

Luxury Appointments

Yamaha boats are even more than meets the eye. In fact, it’s what you don’t see that truly completes the luxurious boating experience. Out of site but within reach, it’s our anchor lockers, integrated/removable coolers and in–floor storage space that allow Yamaha boaters to stow away up to 746 gallons of accessories!

Yamaha's AdvancedResponsive Handling

Yamaha’s industry standard jet propulsion system provides benefits that other propulsion systems simply can’t offer. Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling enhances maneuverability and slow speed handling, while adding confidence around docking, and the loading and unloading of the boat.

No Wake Mode

No Wake Mode, an important part of Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling, provides maximum control for the driver at a variety of slow speeds, maximizing pump thrust and enhancing all around maneuverability of the boat at slow speeds.  And it’s as easy to operate as pushing a button up and down to dial in your perfect no wake speed.

Thrust Directional Enhancer

Another key aspect to Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling is the award winning Thrust Directional Enhancer, or TDE.  This Yamaha exclusive technology directs the water thrust at an optimal angle, providing greater traction for the boat at slow speeds and increasing its responsiveness from driver input.

Open And Inviting

You’d be hard–pressed to find this much bow space on any other sport boat. The spacious bow provides a variety of comfortable seating options, including front–facing rumble seats that offer both a thrilling and relaxing view on the water.