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User Reviews

It was easy to choose the Yamaha. The performance was better, fuel efficiency was better, and the design was unlike any other boat.

Owner of Yamaha SX 190

Welcome Aboard

Yamaha’s 19-foot boats are the easiest way to get out on the water and begin building memories with your family. And while the price is affordable, our 19-foot boats still come with all the benefits that have made Yamaha boats so popular.

Yamaha's Advanced Responsive Handling

Yamaha’s industry standard jet propulsion system provides benefits that other propulsion systems simply can’t offer. Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling enhances maneuverability and slow speed handling, while adding confidence around docking, and the loading and unloading of the boat.

No Wake Mode

No Wake Mode, an important part of Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling, provides maximum control for the driver at a variety of slow speeds, maximizing pump thrust and enhancing all around maneuverability of the boat at slow speeds.


The Articulating Keel is a simple yet ingenious mechanism that serves as an extension of the boat’s keel but with a back end that moves and tracks through the water in perfect relation to the jet pump nozzle. Steering response is immediate.

Thrust Directional Enhancer

Another key aspect to Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling is the award winning Thrust Directional Enhancer, or TDE. This Yamaha exclusive technology directs the water thrust at an optimal angle.

Innovative Design

We don't just design boats. We design the entire boating experience, from putting your boat in the water to putting a drink down in its cupholder. No detail overlooked, no experience underestimated.

  • First Class Features


    A generous in-floor storage compartment easily accommodates an entire day's worth of gear.

  • First Class Features

    Swim Platform

    A popular gathering spot with easy access to the water, two-tiered swim platform features backrest cushions, a wet storage compartment and slip-resistant mats.

  • First Class Features


    No Yamaha boat owner or passenger will ever feel like they’re sitting in coach. Leg room and outstretched arm room come standard in every Yamaha, and expanded bows offer customized seating configurations.



Yamaha produces marine engines renowned throughout the industry and along every waterway for their power, reliability and fuel efficiency. And our clean–burning four-stroke engines have all earned an extremely low emission rating.


The weight of your watercraft has a huge effect on fuel consumption. Compact and lightweight, Yamaha boats possess superb power–to–weight ratios for unparalleled acceleration and efficiency.